Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation gives you the tools to generate more leads and optimize your marketing efforts. Reaching out to nurture individual leads one at a time is not realistic for most companies, and requires a huge amount of time to maintain communication with each prospective customer. Marketing automation simplifies and automates repetitive marketing activities, including, email campaigns, website content, data segmentation, and analytics. With marketing automation, business owners and marketing teams can focus their attention on strategic growth, rather than spending time on tactical data management or manual lead scoring.

Marketing Automation Services

  • Behavioral-Based Email Automation & WYSIWYG Email Editor
  • Dynamic Website Forms Built for Conversion
  • Customer Management System with Bird’s Eye Pipeline View
  • Landing Page and Blog Page Builder with Point-and-Click Editor
  • Campaign Tracking, Google AdWords Integration, & Behavior Tracking
Marketing Automation Analytics
Online Marketing

Most agencies specialize in one-way communications using unsegmented email blasts, static pay-per-click ads, and generic content. This outdated strategy treats all consumers as equals and fails to engage in two-way conversation between the buyers and sellers.

City Segment delivers performance by focusing on the entire sales funnel to develop a hyper-personalized buyer’s journey. We offer a host of marketing automation tools, including, behavioral based email campaigns, dynamic website forms, built-in customer relationship management system, landing page builder, and end-to-end analytics.