Digital Marketing For

Independently Owned Businesses
Franchise Networks
Multi-Location Businesses

Our Perspective

Keeping up with the dynamic tendencies of the digital world can be challenging. We strive to help our clients harness the capabilities of cutting-edge digital marketing technology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage our insights to provide data-driven marketing strategies for independently owned and multilocation businesses.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build the best marketing technologies and become the most transformative leader in multilocation marketing.

What Makes us Different

We are not your ordinary digital marketing agency! We are pushing the limits on hyper-personalized marketing and insights. We center on providing the best client experience by focusing on the entirety of the sales funnel, we work on driving brand awareness, increasing foot traffic, and retaining new customers.

When you partner with City Segment you eliminate wasteful marketing spending because we leverage our insights for ultra-specific targeting. You will receive the most efficient, effective and affordable marketing strategies that will cater to your goals no matter the size of your company.


We are passionate about helping businesses navigate the world of technology and digital marketing.
Brandon Lyon

Brandon Lyon


Resourceful marketing expert with accomplishments spanning media & entertainment, professional sports, consumer markets, and business-to-business industries. His passions embrace consumer behavior and digital insights to offer a unique combination of logical and data-driven results.

Austin Schaffer

Austin Schaffer

VP of Sales & Marketing

Veteran sales person with a passion for building meaningful relationships with each and every client. With a proven track record in the health club industry, he understands the dynamics of local communities and the value of competitive marketing strategies.

Deepti Srivastava

Deepti Srivastava

Operations Manager

Dynamic leader and Masters Graduate with over 20 years of business excellence, reinforced by demonstrated expertise in human resource management, operations, marketing, business planning, project management, and customer service.

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